Odie Senesh


An experienced fashion content director and product manager with over a decade of experience. With specialty in e-commerce, fashion, lifestyle, and editorial strategy, with an emphasis on online concept and content development, from conception through execution.


over 10 years of experience in creating
written and visual content for multinational
companies, magazine editorials
and digital platforms.

In both freelance and in-house
roles, I lead from conception
through execution.


Transforming ideas into content is what I do best.


I’m here to help you empower your business with the right digital strategy. 


First - because I absolutely love it. Second - there are over 1.5 billion individual pieces of content on the Internet, which makes it very difficult for the content you produce to truly stand out in the crowd. That’s why an exceptional visual content is key for your social media marketing success. people are visual beings and they process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text, making visual content a lot more effective than textual information.


We will meet for coffee/drinks, I’ll get to know you and your brand\business and make sure that we’re setting the grounds for collaborating to create the best content for your audience. 

I can produce and curate, no need to outsource anything. 

We will craft the perfect content strategy for your business by understanding your audience and making sure that your content is providing REAL VALUE to them while maximizing your exposure and accelerating organic growth. I will use tools like audiences insights, preview tools, mood boards, CTA engaging content, influencers activation, and others, to accelerate your growth with data-driven tools.