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LaRosh is a brand of hats (headwear) that was founded in 2013 by

designer Amalia Dan.

The hats are created in the customary technique, on wooden shoe trees

in the home of the designer in Tel Aviv. Every year two collections are

composed; a winter collection made of felt, and a summer collection

made from straw.

Amalia studied under the hat maker Orlando Palacios at the New York -

based brand Worth & Worth, and later decided to import the hat

renaissance that took hold of the city to her hometown as well.

In the studio Amalia uses traditional tools that she’s gathered over time

from flea markets and collector’s shops. The tools themselves are made

of wood and beautiful to behold. She told us that very often the street

vendors she purchases her tools from don’t know what these are used

for, and mistake for decorative objects.

We visited Amalia’s studio, where she explained how the hats are made

by hand using exact measurements, a process which allowed a precise

and personal fit for Alon’s hat. “Meeting with customers, I see how

people are thirsty for the feeling of buying a unique article that someone

was truly invested in the creation of”, she says.

This season the collection’s design was inspired by the character of the

“urban wanderer”, a person who treats the city like an expansive natural


The hats combine elegant and tailored design with motifs of folklore

and nature. We adopted the Nomadic mindset and went out for a day-

trip, photographing Alon and Ayelet with the hats around the kibbutz,

between leaves and thick-trunked trees.

Photography, Styling & Texts : Alon Shastel & Odie Senesh