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Martinet Noir with Odie dressed in garments designed by Diana Bazeli for Martinet

Noir, we studied the relationships between fabric and the female form,

simplicity and elegance, what is hidden and what is unveiled. The

designs emphasize both classic femininity and empowerment of the

female body, a dual appearance of modest and exceptional. Odie’s skin

emerged from within folds and frames of fabric, the contrasts and

dialogues between the two inspiring discussions about perception and

beauty, between photographer and muse.

Us//Anne Sexton

I was wrapped in black

fur and white fur and

you undid me and then

you placed me in gold light

and then you crowned me,

while snow fell outside

the door in diagonal darts.

Diana Bazeli, the firstborn daughter of a textile industry family, initially

began her work as an intern for leading fashion designers and stylists,

immediately after graduating her fashion studies. In 2010 Diana became

the head designer of “firstkiss”, an Israeli high fashion brand which

presented and sold her designs in Stockholm, Vienna, London and Tel-Aviv.

In 2013 Diana created Martinet Noir, an elegant, ready to wear brand that

combines style and luxury with practicality. With her current creative

freedom and more than a decade of experience, Diana is reaching for

new design heights.

Hair: Sonia Messaoudi & SACO Tiquetonne The Guild

Make Up: Sonia Messaoudi

Styling & Modeling: Odie Senesh

Photography: Alon Shastel

Text: Odie Senesh & Alon Shastel

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